List of Free Websites That’ll Improve Quality of Your Life

I’m sure everyone wants to improve the quality of life. In this post, I’ve garnered some of the best websites I found extremely helpful and has increased my productivity tremendously and the quality of my life! As a student myself, these websites are definitely my frequently visited ones. Momentum Use: Beautiful Wallpapers I love this browser extension as the wallpapers are just so beautiful to … Continue reading List of Free Websites That’ll Improve Quality of Your Life

My People

I’v got a thing for the type of people who are undeniably themselves. The ones with messy hair, and even messier souls. The kinds of people who wear their hearts on their chest, and have passion in their tears. I’ve got a thing for those people who laugh at their own jokes, and rejoice in their own success. It’s the people who fight for what … Continue reading My People

A Little Introduction

Hi there. Welcome to DIA WANDERS ❀ This is my very first blog so I figured I’d share a little bit more about myself and why I started this blog. Introducing yours truly… My name is Nadia and I’m just a regular girl who loves photography. I’m also currently studying design in school. My favourite past time would be taking pictures, watching funny videos online, drinking … Continue reading A Little Introduction