IKEA Adventures

Hey there!

I love IKEA! Want to know a ridiculous story? I began loving IKEA back when I was around 11 years of age when I googled that its founder shares the same birthday as me. At the point of my life – from pre-teen to teenager, I wanted to redecorate my room. My room, at that time, was not my taste and not up to my standards. And IKEA happens to sell pretty affordable beds. I remembered browsing through IKEA catalogues literally every single day. The catalogue smells really nice and I love looking up at their products. When I was 11, I wish I can buy the furniture that caught my eye. Even till this day, I love minimalistic designs and what not. Scandinavian design is really nice.

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-26 at 2.32.38 PM (2).jpeg

This will forever be my DREAM KITCHEN!

Apart from their furniture, their meatballs are so tasty! I would usually explore the store for a while and midway, buy some lunch. The store is gigantic and I need food. I love taking breaks there because there are giant windows. I can see views of the Giant supermarket and factories, hahah. Lucky for me, it’s easy for me to visit the nearest IKEA store. I can just take 1 bus straight from home. Sometimes, I usually visit the store just to eat their scrumptious meatballs and look for design inspiration. I’m studying industrial design in school and IKEA products giveΒ me inspiration. Man, I’d love to work for IKEA one day. Most times, I go to IKEA to play around with the trolley along the alleys surrounded with million of boxes stacked on top of each other!

Aside from serving meatballs, IKEA Tampines sells chicken wings at its Halal store.

The chicken is golden and crispy! It’s too delicious. Yum. I’m craving for chicken while typing this…

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-26 at 2.32.38 PM (1).jpeg

And of course, ice cream that’s worth only 50 cents!

I always end my IKEA trip with good ole’ ice cream. Yum..

I don’t know how to end that well but IKEA holds a very special place in my heart. My eldest brother happens to be a really big fan of IKEA. He’d go there back when he dated my sister- in – law. Now, they bring their 2 children there all the time! I’m not even kidding. He goes there too manyΒ times than I do.

I guess the reason why I love going to IKEA is becauseΒ of its friendly ambience. It feels like home. They say home is where the heart is. Back when I was little, I remember getting very pumped up every time my family decides to go to IKEA. I love the stuffed animals and playing with the furniture. Most of all, I enjoy going to IKEA with loved ones. I believe everyone does. I’m sure I’ll bring my future family to IKEA. I enjoy wandering around IKEA and getting lost. That’s the best part, hahah.

As for now, time to go the largest IKEA store in Sweden!

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