List of Free Websites That’ll Improve Quality of Your Life

I’m sure everyone wants to improve the quality of life. In this post, I’ve garnered some of the best websites I found extremely helpful and has increased my productivity tremendously and the quality of my life! As a student myself, these websites are definitely my frequently visited ones.


Use: Beautiful Wallpapers

I love this browser extension as the wallpapers are just so beautiful to look at! And it helps me get motivated to get my work started.



Use: Spelling Checker

Another frequently used browser extension of mine is Grammarly. I find this super duper helpful because it’s easier for me correct my grammar and spelling mistakes, especially if not a blogger. This is highly recommended!



Use: Free Stock Photos 📷

This is my go to websites whenever I want to look for free stock images. The images in this website are definitely of high quality!



Use: Meditation 💆

This app is great for meditation. It includes breathing exercises as well as sleeping stories for the best quality of mind as possible and simply brings clarity, joy and peace to your daily life.



Use: Note-taking βœ

Evernote is one of the best ways for you to keep and organise the important things in life – projects, thoughts and more!


Khan Academy

Use: Free online courses 

An educational website for you to learn free online courses. Khan Academy is a non-profit website providing the world-class education to anyone, anywhere. The graphics and layout are extremely simple and easy to understand too!



I hope my lovely readers would benefit from the sites I’ve shared! Tell me which website(s) have you used and do you find it useful? Leave me comments & share what other useful websites you’ve found useful! 💭


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