Types of Tea You Need to Try

For tea lovers out there! I love tea. Very much. I drink my tea every single day. And, I want to recommend and introduce to you the different types of tea. So, let’s grab your favourite mug filled with freshly brewed tea and stay awhile.

Chai Tea

The mix of Indian spices and black tea is full of antioxidants and helps with inflammation.

Oolong Tea

This Chinese tea goes through a unique process where it withers under strong sunlight.

Green Tea

Can improve your brain function and promote weight loss.

Darjeeling Tea

Has fruity and floral flavours and is usually sold as black tea.

Matcha Tea

Show to help boost metabolism and reduce cancer cells.

White Tea

Helps with anti-aging and reduces the risk of cancer.

Po Cha Tea

This Tibetan tea is a mix of repeatedly boiled tea leaves with Yak butter.

Pearl Milk Tea

The Taiwanese drink combines tea with milk and tapioca balls.

Black Tea

Generally, has a stronger flavour and helps reduce plaque.

My utmost favourite tea has got to be… Teh Tarik. ‘Teh’ means tea and ‘Tarik’ mean the process of pulling in Malay. This tea is made from condensed or evaporated milk and has a thick, frothy top. Yum!


Look at this frothy tea!



Share with my your favourite tea(s)! I’d love to try them out.





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