How To Clean | Konmari Method

Do you find that no matter how many times you clean a certain area in your house, it gets messy all over again? And you think that the best way to maintain the cleanliness of your house is by doing it every single day.

You’re wrong. In this post, I’m going to introduce to all my lovely readers the Konmari Method. I highly recommend this book as it gives you a detailed description on how to actually clean your room. So how can you master the Konmari Method?

Follow these 8 simple steps:

     1.Dress up for the event

Tidying is a special event, so don your favourite outfit and get to it!

     2. Tidy all at once

Tidying should be a one-time event, not a daily chore!

    3. Discard by category, not location

Discard in the following order: Clothing, Books, Papers, Miscellaneous Items and lastly, Sentimental Items.

Marie Kondo advised that discarding clothes is the easiest, while sentimental items are the hardest. In this order, it enhances your decision-making skill.

   4.  Put Everything on the Floor

Gather every item in the category and put them in a big pile on the floor to see how much you really have

   5. Hold each and every item

Pick up one item at a time and ask yourself, ‘does this spark joy?’ If it does, keep it. If not, put it aside to donate or sell.

   6. Discard all, then organise

Resist the urge to put things away as you go!

  7. Thank your belongings for their service

Practice gratitude and find something good to say about each item you are discarding. Say a simple, ‘thank you’ or ‘thanks for finding me’.

To learn more about the Konmari Method, go check out their website, instagram account and buy their books in your local bookstores or online!


This is a simple overview on how to clean the Konmari Method. I’ll post in more detail on how to clean the Konmari way. I’ll also share my experience with this method and include before & after photos! I highly recommend this way of cleaning as it really changed my life. I was so disorganised a few months back and with this method, it helped me to really live life to the fullest.

Tell me if you’ve heard of this method! Share your feedbacks by commenting.


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